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Welcome to the State of Nevada Notary Public Training Site



  • Taking a training course is available anytime and you may take any of our courses whenever you would like
  • Completing the Commission Course and Commission Exam are required for your Notary Public Commission Appointment
  • Completing the eRegistration Course and eRegistration Exam are required before registering any Platform Provider
  • You will need to pay to file the completion of a course and a passing score of an exam (within 90 days of completion) to meet the requirements for applying for a commission and/or an eRegistration
    • The cost to file the completion of either course and a passing exam score is $45.00 (for EACH of the Commission and eRegistration Courses)
    • When submitting your application for your Notary Public Commission through SilverFlume, you will be asked to pay for both the application $35.00 and filing your course information $45.00 at the end of the application



***Remember to ALWAYS close the player and allow for your progress to save before closing the training site***


***You will not save your Course Progress or Exam Score if you do not allow it to save***







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